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September 2011

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Start Up Firm Quick on the Uptake

True-to-life stories on how companies act and react.

Community Development

Community Development

Economic developers in Tuscaloosa are confident that from the wreckage of the tornadoes the city will be able to rebuild in such a way that it will be better than before.

Rebuilding Alabama's Front Porch

Rebuilding Alabama's Front Porch

The new Birmingham Airport terminal is replacing outdated futuristic design with up-to-the-minute amenities and security, easier traffic flow for passengers and lots more space.

Free Legal Advice: Obey This Law

Court challenges of Alabama’s new immigration law are looming, but, for now, business owners are advised to strictly comply—or risk a death penalty for their businesses.

A Sticky Residue of Human Suffering

A Sticky Residue of Human Suffering

One happy tourist season after the BP oil spill, the beaches may be white again and swarmed with tourists, but an abundance of suffering and economic damage remains.

Two-Year Colleges Face Skyrocketing Enrollment, Plummeting Funding

One Example—At Wallace State, enrollment has jumped 22 percent while funding has dropped 23 percent in just three years.

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