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Top News Links: Wednesday, Oct. 21

John McAfee’s Alabama start-up a real kick

Chuck Norris once said, "There are few problems in this world that cannot be solved by a swift roundhouse kick to the face." Grandmaster John McAfee - the legendary founder of his namesake anti-virus company McAfee Associates and one of the world's foremost cyber practitioners - would like to throw a roundhouse kick at foreign hackers. He's teaching cyberpreneurs how to kick. – CsoonLine.com

Drug companies work hard to stall generics

While sharp overnight increases in the cost of prescription drugs have recently dominated headlines, critics say another pharmaceutical industry practice that has added billions of dollars to the price that consumers pay for their medicines continues unabated. Known as "reverse settlement payments," or "pay-to-delay" deals, the financial arrangements are a unique but common practice in the pharmaceutical industry. – NBC

Inside Brandon Kruse’s new Huntsville incubator

Huntsville entrepreneur Brandon Kruse never attended college, but his LinkedIn profile lists more career experience at 25 than many workers earn in a lifetime. Kruse, who built and sold a technology company just before his 21st birthday for enough money to buy the former West Huntsville Elementary last year for $500,000, is frequently asked to share his secret for success. – AL.com

This judge wants money or blood

“If you don’t have any money, go out there and give blood and bring in a receipt indicating you gave blood," Alabama Judge Marvin Wiggins told a courtroom of defendants during a hearing last month. For anyone who had no money and did not want to give blood, “the sheriff has enough handcuffs.” – Mashable

Bentley hints at more USA jobs for Decatur

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley hinted at more jobs for Decatur Monday as he toured the giant United Launch Alliance rocket-building plant on the Tennessee River. "I know there are other companies that are going to come and be a part of what they do here," Bentley told reporters. "I don't know if those announcements have taken place yet, but I know that they will be taking place." – AL.com

Huntsville tech firm can improve tracking skills

Huntsville company Brockwell Techologies is hoping to find more customers for its product which helps track what's happening when you transport valuable items. It is called the Modular Data Acquisition and Logging (MODAL) System, and this technology grew from a U.S. Army project in an effort to help keep the military in the know when sensitive items are shipped. – WAAY

DeAngelis Diamond to pursue Florida project

DeAngelis Diamond Healthcare Group has been selected to enter into contract negotiation for the construction of a medical village in Estero, Florida after winning a competitive request for qualification process for the Lee Memorial Hospital Mixed Use Healthcare Development and Retail Services project. – News release

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